Advancing Veterinary Medicine: ALIVE 2 in Nice, France

CLIMOS took centre stage during several sessions, one led by our project coordinator Carla Maia, and another by Gioia Bongiorno, showcasing our groundbreaking advancements. Additionally, we proudly presented a poster alongside our colleagues: Eduardo Berriatua, Courtenay Orin, Gaetano Oliva, Carla Maia, Valentina Foglia Manzillo, and Gioia Bongiorno.

ALIVE 2 transcended mere conference proceedings, fostering an environment ripe for the exchange of invaluable clinical insights and pioneering research. The event’s international allure was unmistakable, with 451 professionals hailing from over 32 European and non-European countries converging to share their expertise. Notably, the hybrid format accommodated 239 attendees in person, while an additional 212 participated remotely, underscoring the event’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

It also served as a beacon of inspiration and opportunity, offering a platform to network with seasoned professionals and chart a course toward impactful contributions in the field. As the curtains close on ALIVE 2, the reverberations of this transformative event are sure to echo across the veterinary landscape, catalyzing further collaboration and innovation in the ongoing battle against Leishmaniosis.